Multimodal freight gives the operator the chance to get the best out of every single transport freight:

  • road freight is flexible and fast;
  • rail freight is reliable and always on time;
  • sea freight is sustainable and relies on a great network;
  • overall the delivery is safe, sustainable and organized.

Is the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR), containing all instructions related to loading, carriage, fastening and any other related details.

Yes, ADR loads can be shipped with sea and rail freight with due documentation and authorizations during specific trips.

We need few key information: origin, destination, volume/weight/number of pallets, and type of goods.

Yes, we are freight forwarders and we can totally support through the whole process of import/export. In addition, in our bonded warehouse we can move under the internal community transit procedures shall be subjected to specific declaration.

A bonded warehouse is a storage facility licensed by the government for keeping the imported goods that are awaiting clearance from customer duties.

During the time between the import and the clearance, goods stored in can be divided, mixed, bundled, labelled, branded etc. still under custom.

If the goods are just transiting in Italy without the need of being imported in EU, they can just be safely stored and re-exported elsewhere without spending much on duties, obtaining clear advantages in fiscal and financial terms.

The warehouse can offer all the benefit related to value added operations, and the advantages of producing them abroad.

We support you in the whole import-export process and suggest the most cost-effective way to this to be done.

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