Our Mission

Our mission is providing our customers with state-of-art logistics, compliant to the highest standard of efficiency. Plan, optimize and coordinate every aspect of the supply-chain is our core business, and we always focus our efforts in choosing the most ethical and sustainable way.

  • Highly engage all stakeholders
  • Comply to highest ethical standards
  • Growing investments in R&D and training people
  • Fully respecting the environment
  • Efficient and effective delivery of services
  • Safety of people, roads, goods etc.
  • Thought leadership
  • Strategic thinking



Di Martino is a versatile provider with branches in Piacenza, Lodi, Catania, Palermo, Milan, Rome, Greece, Spain, Tunisia, Finland and Sweden.

Thanks to a consolidated know-how, built in the years, we find customized solutions for your business’ logistics in any industry: Fashion, FMCG, Automotive, Beverage, Real Estate, Ecommerce etc.

We manage the entire supply-chain from origin to destination, partnering with the most influencing players in each industry to find innovative solution to grow our sustainability.

In the wide range of services offered multimodal freight (sea-road-rail) is the company’s core business, this service is the most efficient and competitive in long haul, connecting key hubs and ports in Italy, Mediterranean region and Europe with sea and rail freight. The most traditional road freight is the most flexible, and is growing more sustainable thanks to cutting edge technologies as LNG and 100% electric trucks.

In our plants we strive to the most sustainable development strategy: a constant search for the most advanced design and construction techniques, proactive contracts with suppliers to ensure their effort in adopting strategies and technologies that significantly reduce the levels of energy consumption and the production of emissions, a continuous monitoring and evaluation of our performance across all our activities.

In our warehouses we use clean and renewable energy coming from solar panel, the most advanced engineering and construction techniques, and constantly looking for new strategies and technologies able to reduce our footprint, monitor and evaluate our performance.



Our consolidated know-how, clear rules and processes continuous improvement programs, help us in quickly understanding our client needs and support them in achievieng the highest standard for their supply chain development

Social Responsibility: how we do it

Being well aware of how important our environment is, we daily focus our efforts on reducing the impact of the procedures we adopt in each activity.

Small actions can have great consequences on the environment and the people we work with, for this we track and actively map our consumption and look for initiatives that optimize procedures, without sacrificing either efficiency or reliability.

Multimodal and combined transport are examples of our dedication to reducing our environmental footprint.

We have invested in renewable energy by installing solar panels more than 15 years ago in our warehouses. We recently added 100% electric and LNG trucks to our fleet to make road freight more sustainable.

Our business is to move your business