PENNY Market wants to be close to the customer by offering the easiest and most convenient shopping experience, for the highest quality of food and the most valuable shopping experience, meeting the needs of all the families that have little time for grocery shopping but don’t want to compromise on quality.

Working on the efficiency and quality of processes is a key success factor for PENNY, that  helps daily more than one million families to save during their grocery shopping, providing quality products from regional and local producers, and supporting the development of small businesses.


With Di Martino, Penny started a project to grow their presence in Sicily and Southern Italy, locating in Catania their new warehouse, in order to make the supply-chain even more efficient and close to the Sicilian market, and support the growth.

Starting from a strategic consulting on the positioning of the new distribution center, an extremely innovative structure was built in less than a year.

The new warehouse of about 20,000 sqm was built according to the latest construction techniques, which grants thermic insultation to save energy and make the plant more efficient and drastically reduce consumptions.

To keep high sustainability and efficiency standards, various strategic choices have been made, starting from the LEDs for lighting to the ammonia refrigeration systems and solar panels.

The ammonia refrigeration systems guarantees a higher refrigerator efficiency compared to any other fluids, and higher performance. The natural gas used does not produce any greenhouse effect or ozone layer damages and is one of the most ecological refrigerant gases. So it was picked to power the different cold-rooms in the plant: for chocolate, fruit and vegetables and the frozen one.


Furthermore, the entire structure is covered with solar panels that give power to the plant and provides part of the energy needed to keep the warehouse and the offices running.

The real estate logistics was however just the beginning of the collaboration between Di Martino and Penny Market, in fact Di Martino started the work as logistic operators with handling, storage, cleaning and similar activities related to the core activities of the warehouse.

From an operating point of view, we will be in charge of preparing the goods on pallets, half pallets and packages prepared with picking list and vocal system for dry and fresh products and with cross docking for fruit and vegetables. The structure will daily supply the existing 27 stores in Sicily and will support the development of this market in the following years, during which important real estate investments are planned for the growth of the network.

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