Does your business want to reach Greece?

Transportation of goods towards and from Greece.

If your products have reach the Greek market,  this is the right page.

When extending your business to international markets, it is necessary to rely on a partner that:

Know the language of the country of destination.

Can count on a branch on-site, consolidated, efficient and reliable.

With the means best suited to specific goods.

Di Martino, logistics provider with more than 40 years of experience  offers freight service to and from Greece.

Perfectly safe, an organization able to meet the needs of customers, managing and monitoring all the goods on departure and arrival, thanks to:

The branch of Corinth, fast, efficient and reliable.

Multilingual staff, able to provide dedicated assistance during all stages of transport and distribution.

The fleet of the highest level, suitable for every type of merchandise.

The distribution network, timely and comprehensive.

The freight service to and from Greece refers to the following categories:

Clothing g.o.h.

Clothing hanging heads

Perishable food

Non-perishable food




Publishing – paper



Home hygiene


Construction material


Moto without box/boxes



Spare Parts/Automotive

Two-wheel vehicles and not packaged

Wines and liquors


For more information and to download the brochure in PDF format.


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Di Martino SpA

Zona Industriale Piano D'Arci · VI Strada n. 8
Tel. +39 095 7355611 – Fax +39 095 7355679

Brancaccio (Palermo)
Via Ingham, 14
Tel. +39 - Fax +39

Guardamiglio (Lodi)
S.S. 9 Via Emilia
Tel. +39 0377 451161 · Fax +39 0377 451138

Via Lombardia S.N.
Tel. +39 0523 579843 · Fax +39 0523 644798

Korinthos (GRECIA):
Kritika Archaias Korinthou
Tel. +30 2741025771 · Fax +30 2741025781