Distribution without borders.

Di Martino S.p.A aims to differentiate itself from its competitors in the mode in which carries out the transportation. Specialized in long and middle distances within the excellent quality-price ratio and sustainability are two key words in their modus operandi.

Among the company’s primary objectives is to coordinate activities among various with its trade in raw materials and  finished products semilavoratie. The project started at the origin in Italy moves toward trade axes emerging as a result of recent industrial relocation policies.

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Di Martino SpA

Zona Industriale Piano D'Arci · VI Strada n. 8
Tel. +39 095 7355611 – Fax +39 095 7355679

Brancaccio (Palermo)
Via Ingham, 14
Tel. +39 - Fax +39

Guardamiglio (Lodi)
S.S. 9 Via Emilia
Tel. +39 0377 451161 · Fax +39 0377 451138

Via Lombardia S.N.
Tel. +39 0523 579843 · Fax +39 0523 644798

Korinthos (GRECIA):
Kritika Archaias Korinthou
Tel. +30 2741025771 · Fax +30 2741025781