Europe and Mediterranean nearer than ever.

Growing infrastructural hub of Guardamiglio.

Di Martino S.p.A has enhanced its logistics, increasing the capacity of  Guardamiglio (Lo) able know to manage a total of indoor 120000mq distributed from North to South across the peninsula.This to allow more and more companies, industrial manufacturers and international traders rely on a multipurpose logistics platform adjacent to main ports and Northern Italy (Genoa, Livorno, La Spezia; Venice, Ravenna, Ancona) on intermodal transport-and rail-active all over the Mediterranean basin (Greece, Tunisia, Libya, Marocca,) and an enhanced distribution network.

The Logistics Centre is designed to manage the entire supply chain of its customers partners through:

  • 25000 sqm of external surface;
  • 15000mq indoor surface;
  • 16 loading bays;
  • 800 m² of offices;
  • container area;
  • mechanical workshop.

An important investment for the company that conceives dynamism and flexibility its key words of its organizational model.

Di Martino offers logistics services for any merchandise distribution, adapting from time to time to the specific needs of its clients.

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Di Martino SpA

Zona Industriale Piano D'Arci · VI Strada n. 8
Tel. +39 095 7355611 – Fax +39 095 7355679

Brancaccio (Palermo)
Via Ingham, 14
Tel. +39 - Fax +39

Guardamiglio (Lodi)
S.S. 9 Via Emilia
Tel. +39 0377 451161 · Fax +39 0377 451138

Via Lombardia S.N.
Tel. +39 0523 579843 · Fax +39 0523 644798

Korinthos (GRECIA):
Kritika Archaias Korinthou
Tel. +30 2741025771 · Fax +30 2741025781