Logistics never stops

Respondents after three years from the first meeting, Dr Logistics, Martino’s Group, confirms a growing reality and a planned and rich vision of the future.
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When shopping is coll thanks to logistics.

by Alice Borsani Over 1,000,000 of SKUS and 1,000 suppliers. Just to give the idea of the complexity of a particular logistics. As well as particular is the company in question. Starting…

Di Martino offers a bridge between Europe and North Africa.

F.lli Di Martino Transport offers a bridge between Europe and North Africa. The Sicilian logistics group invests heavily in new hub Guardamiglio and high speed container.

Di Martino Group toward the Mediterranean sea.

Angel Martino announced the ambitious development projects of the Group. Leader on the fields of logistics and transport. Since the objectives of "face" on the Mediterranean.…
Il punto d'appoggio con cui risollevare la logistica

The fulcrum with which raise the logistics.

Single structure, the distribution center of Piacenza, entrusted to an operator which exclusively manages the logistics outsourcing.
With this simple recipe, but effective,…

Logistics match.

A warehouse that sits in the shadow of Liotru – the stone elephant statue resting peacefully in the main square of Catania – but the heavy elephant is quite the opposite:…

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Di Martino SpA

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